Shortcomings of Popular Password Managers

Keeping your work and data secured is crucial. As we continue to move forward into the world of technology and online work, privacy continues to become more and more important. But, as more factors are implemented to increase privacy throughout the online world, it can be difficult to keep up with important information like your usernames and passwords for every site you might use. Security such as multi-factor authentication and the need for numbers and symbols in your passwords are all measures taken to try and keep your information as secure as possible.

This is where password managers come in.

Common Shortcoming in Popular Password Managers

Many companies have tried to create password managers to aid in the chaos of trying to collect the variety of usernames and passwords. Unfortunately, many of them have flaws that can often result in more problems. Here are just a few shortcomings of popular password managers:

No Ability to Move Passwords

One of the most common problems with popular password managers is that all of your information is stuck in one place. If, for some reason, your account were to get hacked, you would have all of your passwords there and would be unable to move them to a different platform, ultimately losing most of your information or attempting to figure out a way to copy it.

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Master Passwords

Master passwords are basically the most important password you have, usually to access your password manager. Unfortunately, with a master password, if someone is able to hack your account and figure out your master password, they now have access to all of your information.

Cloud Based

Another common fault of popular password managers is that they are cloud based. The downside of cloud storage is that the user cannot ensure the security of the data. The risk is that one of the cloud-based services could be breached and your passwords compromised.

Meet IDSync

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