Identity and Access Management Solutions

In a high-tech, security driven world, IDSync® makes it simple and easy to manage computer access, software logins and password management. As a consequence, IDSync® represents a game changing product within the world of password security and computer login technologies for mid-size firms.

What makes this an exciting product is the departure IDSync® takes on the market; quite different from other vendor’s in this market niche. We offer advanced functionality at a price and implementation level suitable for mid-market companies.

IDSync® – Identity and Access Management Solutions

  • Access Management
  • Identity Management
  • Single Sign-On / SSO
  • User Provisioning
  • Password Management
  • Access Compliance Management

IDSync® – Simple to Use

  • Ability to hide sensitive data protected by passwords from even the administrators of the passwords.
  • Automatic login and synchronization that goes further than operating system and server logins but down to and including application level secure logins thus resolving end-to-end password administration issues.

This reduction in technical complexity, the improved ROI and the ability to meet have been closed due to cost and product complexity reasons.