Management Team

Toby W. Miller, President and CEO

Toby W. Miller is the founder of both InnerApps, LLC. and Tranztec Solutions, Inc. an information technology company he co-founded in 2001.  Toby has an extensive background in software development and engineering including technology implementations with companies such as APL Lines, Roadway, Conrail, Nautica, Cummins Engine, Qualcomm, and CSC.  Toby is the lead architect and evangelist for the Identity Syncronizer platform.  Toby’s previous positions span 23 years of Information Technology development including engineering and management positions at several software firms including positions ranging from Software Engineer to CIO.

Marty Rini, Vice President, Sales and Operations

Marty has extensive experience with major computer and consulting firms marketing, sales, product management, operations, and service delivery roles. Marty is recognized for his numerous entrepreneurial accomplishments, including growing and managing a 100- person professional services organization for a major computer vendor, and launching and managing a national service product across the U.S. Marty holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics from Ohio State University. He has completed extensive post- graduate work in decision support systems, marketing management, accounting, and organizational development.

Deborah Gordon, CFO

Deborah M. Gordon co-founded Tranztec Solutions with Toby W. Miller, and currently serves as InnerApps CFO.  Ms. Gordon has more than 32 years’ experience in management, finance, purchasing, technology, and consulting.  She has worked in capacities as V.P. of Finance, Director of Purchasing, and General Manager.  Much of her work experience has been in the transportation industry, where she worked with Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors.  Ms. Gordon holds a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Development and a Masters in Business Administration.